What word rhymes with hamburger?

Hangar 13! Hangar 13! Oh!

Rear air control, that’s for a fighter jet.

And that, that, that, there’s that!

I said that again!

Oh no! Wait! Wait!

Uh, don’t touch them! Don’t touch them!

Well, um, I mean, I’d like to find something.

Oh, no!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

We have a new thing here.

Hey, we have new things here.

You know that new thing we have?

It’s just a piece of scrap metal—we did that long ago.

We can get a few more and they will have a better quality.

What was that?
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A new part.

Is that what you got for the new thing?

A piece of new engine.

You’re the man! You get me that engine, I’ll take care of the new thing.

We’re the man, that’s the word!

Oh, well, that was some work, wasn’t it?

Oh, no, no.

We get it up and ready on a special order basis.

Not a lot of work when you have a whole bunch of things.

Oh, well. Thank you.

Thank you very much, sir.

The new thing, what are you going to call…

The new thing?

That, that, that’s it.

That is just a bunch of new parts, I’m going to take care of, you know.

That’s the new thing.

Now, a lot of them go into the engine, you’re going to take care of the rest.

We should have more parts. Oh, that’s okay.

Yes, it is fine! We have more.

What, how many are there?

We got two more things.

Oh! Two more?

Yeah, the one that has, the, the fuel in it, the one with the fuel in it, the one that’s, the one that has the fuel…

Oh! Thank you.

What is this, a, airplane parts bin?

It’s not, it’s a, it’s a small…

Oh, it’ll stay here.

What word rhymes with hamburger?
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