What is a bar in rap? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Smogon Dragonite

They’re always like, “It’s a place where you can listen to an open mic,” but what does that mean? Where do you start? If you’re going to get started, I can’t tell you where to start. We’re not going to tell you what your shit is.

But for whatever reason, it always seemed like you wanted to be honest. I think that’s one of the reasons we like it. The whole thing is just about honesty, that’s it. Just me, the MC, and that’s it. Sometimes I talk about things that I’ll be honest about. That’s the whole thing. If it feels good, I’ll let the community know and then let the fans know. It just starts with this, “Fuck them cunts,” as opposed to talking about how you feel about the people.



That’s the best part of the show. “Fuck ’em faggots, I’m going to tell you my shits,” the MC says, with no shame.

But then in your set, I feel like there’s no pressure. I don’t know what everybody is going to think. I don’t ask anyone what they think of “Fuck Em Faggots?” I just say it honestly and I say it like the fuckers are fucking. Then I make my shit up from there.

Is there a particular MC you want to put your own spin on this time around or do you just want to keep the conversation going?

When I played “F*** Em”, as much as I want to make the song my own, I can’t do that. I have the honor, the responsibility, it’s a great honor to perform at a venue, but I’m not a MC to stand up and act like a superstar. I just want to put my own spin on the fucking show.

This new tape is also called “Fool’s Gold”, but you are not the only person who is doing that. How did you come up on the concept?

When I was younger and in my twenties, in the summer of 2007, there was a new tape up called “Fuck Em Faggots 2”. This tape was an album, called “Fool’s Gold”. We was a lot of other people doing it, and it was cool. But one day, it hit all the people who do things like that. We started recording something to prove the tape out and

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What is a bar in rap? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Smogon Dragonite
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