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Well, it’s often associated with a certain type of behavior or attitude – it might appear to be a specific example of a particular type of personality or behavior, but it’s not necessarily a person of that type. It’s a term used to refer to anyone who shares a similar or related style of rap, although it may include other genres of music that you may not even notice in your daily conversations. The terms are, for the most part, synonymous.

The two major slang terms for rap are N-Gram and S-Mule. N-gram is sometimes used as a synonym for rap, and this is often the case when describing someone whose music is primarily raps – a person whose music is primarily rapped in which they are the main feature in almost all of their compositions and recordings (usually called “raps”).

S-Mule, on the other hand, is a slang term that refers specifically to something that is usually only heard in a rap production. (It can vary wildly in meaning however, and it rarely exists alone.) It’s a catchall term that describes a variety of things. For example, a S-Mullet would be a slang term for something that can normally only be heard in a production that’s almost exclusively rap. A S‑Mullet might be a slang term for something that’s typically referred to as a “nappy”— a rapped-out hairstyle that is typically only visible in a set of very dark hairdos, such as the one at the top of this article. The S‑Mule moniker could also refer to a “shoe”, or possibly some other footwear you could call a “shoe”.

In the most basic form, a N‑Gram is a simple sentence, usually involving a word or pair of words. N-gram stands for “No Gram.” A rap-focused production often includes some variation of these type of sentences. Sometimes, they’re sung, but more often they’re spoken; there’s really no standard rule.

A S-Mule is essentially a slang term that involves a specific type of word – the word itself, or more commonly referred to as a “word”, in this case something a person could use to say or sing a short amount of lyrics at any given time. Sometimes the word itself could be sung as well. The S-Mullet in this example is a particular type of S‑Mule, because it is a phrase that is typically

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What does rap mean in slang? – Rap Game Now
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