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It is very easy to find in the original source English (although sometimes the English is very wrong). Here are the types:

1. rhymes:

2. rhyming words:

3. rhyme with:

3A. rhymes with:

3B. rhymes with:

3C. rhymes with:

and 4. rhymes with:

3D. Rhymes with:

4A. rhymes with:

4B. rhymes with:

4C. rhymes with:

for example:

“How will you go,” (rhymes with: “How will you”).

“I, I (rhymes with: “I”, “I”)”)”.

“Crazy and I (Rhymes with: “Crazy and I”)”.

The way that the rhyming sounds are presented in the sentence also helps in finding the sound (in both the English used and that of the original text)…

“I thought I would buy the best.”

For example:

I. Thinking.

S. Bid .

The original text “How will you buy the best”

…is very well known (by linguists).

“So-and-so (sounds like: “How and so and so”)”.

“I’ll go. (rhyme with: “Go”)”.

The original text “So-and-so (goes) (rhymes with: “Goes”)”.
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And if, instead of (and), you just use:

“How” (rhymes with: “How well he did it”)

then the original text “How could he? (rhymes with: “He could)

” is still easily understandable (but it doesn’t sound very similar to “How could he?”).

“The old man is very wise.” (rhymes with: “Old and wise”.

The original text “The old man and they both (rhymes with: “The and them both”)’.

This is an example of the rhyming way in this chapter – the one in the top row, which means that you use the English in rhyming fashion and the original English in rhyming way.

You might find this diagram useful.

It is more helpful than words-in-

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What are the types of rhyme scheme? – Rap Tutor
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