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A word comes to mind. Some languages, most famously in India, don’t have words. But we’ve always known what they are.

The same could be said about the word a few seconds of thought later.

By Alex Smith

As we enter the final year of our series on college football’s power conferences, you’ll note that many of the programs that have been the last place in the BCS standings for years have also been the teams receiving the most significant television attention of recent years.

The Big Ten could very well break through from the SEC’s shadow if the conference continues on its remarkable upward movement. There is little doubt however, that other conferences could soon take note as well. If the conference doesn’t, and as we’ve discovered elsewhere, only a few years before we take a close look at its position in the BCS standings, then there could be a new “golden era” of college football beginning in years to come.

In our series, we’ve examined where each conference is in the rankings of all 10 BCS conferences, and how each program will improve or decline during the upcoming years. As we’ve established by now, there are many changes in college football, so it is a mistake to expect any one team to be a sure thing. However, some changes could occur within a couple of seasons, as programs adjust to new talent levels or a league expands, or one conference breaks away from another. In this installment, we’ll examine the Big Ten and its future.

After a year in which Penn State, and its fan base, are more in place than they’ve been in years, Michigan, with a new addition to its fanbase, is clearly not the same program that has become so successful on television. With more resources and a new recruiting base, the Wolverines still could be a contender, especially in a conference with the best resources and coaches in the country.

As we’ve noted in this series, the Big Ten may have already surpassed the SEC. Although some observers will point to the Big Ten’s relative weakness of non-power conference teams, it is also likely the conference has outplayed many conferences over the years, both in average attendance and TV viewership. So far this year, the Big Ten has outdone all of its peers as well.
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Here’s the complete list of all 10 conferences based on TV viewership as of Dec. 9, 2012.* There is a slight edge given to conference opponents, and a slight edge given to rivalries

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How many words are in a bar? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Lyrics Copy
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