How do you rhyme rap? – How To Rap Like Eminem

It takes a different kind of talent,” he said when he was 16 and just starting out in his rap career. “Most young artists today, even just now with new music, they use rap to be on a high and to make a name for themselves. They use rap the way we used to rap.”

Even as a teenager, he said, he couldn’t really rap. But after his mother’s death, he learned to rap. Since then, “it’s just a habit, a way of life.”

He said he hasn’t been trying to reinvent the way hip-hop was said. Instead, he’s “reinventing the sound” of his generation.

ROMEā€”Pope Francis today made a surprise announcement to the faithful in St Peter’s Square that he’s retiring from his papacy.

In an interview with the Italian news agency ANSA, the 70-year-old, who has been a Catholic for more than 27 years, spoke of the “deep sadness” of leaving office but said the Church must have faith too.

“If you go with the faith, you will be in heaven; if you are not faithful to the faith, you should go into hell,” he said. “What happens after you leave office isn’t just a question of retirement. It’s also a question of how this life ends.”

Speaking for the first time since his election nearly two years ago, the pontiff said the Church could not continue the way it has since 1970 “when we didn’t have the vision of the future; the vision of the mission today; the vision of the Church today.”

“The problems are still present,” he said. “The crisis of faith is still present, and we need to make a radical move to the right for the future.”

Francis, who spoke through his mouthpiece to the faithful in St Peter’s Square to an audience of millions, said he would go to the Vatican in the spring to start a new pontificate. He called that his plan for the next four and a half years. The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had recently announced he was stepping down from his post as president of the Vatican’s doctrinal assembly.

“I call my papacy a little epiphany,” he said. “It’s a little bit like a very small change of perspective.”

The news was greeted with a great sense of relief from the faithful, who have been looking forward to their favorite prelate becoming a saint

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How do you rhyme rap? – How To Rap Like Eminem
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