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The only way I’m gonna learn for me, is by doing it.” This is about one of a number of raps that have been written as if by a rap director to get the actor rapping. The way the actor recites these raps will vary from one to the other, but I’m gonna list four of the best examples here. These are all from the films of director R.A. Haymore and actor Steve McQueen.

“I’ve heard he can make the most of a bad situation and that’s why he came to me.” Well, this is a big one. “Hank, can’t you hear I’ve got a thing coming?”

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“You can’t tell me no more about your own personal life, Hank. I’m in the middle of a lot of work, but I can tell you that I don’t want you to go back there.” This one is even more difficult to follow than the first and it probably should be on the list too. “Hank, I know you’re not in the best of health, but you are a very gifted actor, and your talents can bring some much needed positivity to my work. I thought you might be able to get the best out of this and that’s what I was trying to do.” Let me be clear, by “your talents” I mean all of your talent. You can’t just have talents when you make the films you do, and when you talk about these raps that have been wrote as if by the director, you mean the director was never interested in the actor. They are written like this because I have my own ideas; I don’t even know any of those raps, but I knew he had an idea in mind about some of how Hank felt about the problems in his life that I wanted to present in my film.

If there’s one thing that has been proven over and over again by writers who know the writing of movies, is that they know a hell of a lot more than they need to know to write a good script. This is why the writer was hired, because they have a lot of the information they need of what it takes to be successful with a screenplay, which is often much more than the acting that goes into it. When you write your script, you can tell the story you want, but you need to know the kind of story you want to tell, so that you can write a script that you know will have people at the table who are interested in

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How do you properly rap? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rapid
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