How do I sell my first beat? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Raptor Power

First, a little advice: This is one of the hardest things to do. People aren’t going to buy it!

Second is you want to create a song that is truly unique. Don’t try to make something like “Tunnel Vision” or something that will “get clicks.” The more your hit record sells, the more your fans will notice and hear things they’re used to hearing.

In short: It’s all about creating something truly special. That’s why you’re selling your album to radio. Don’t make it a “hype” thing.

Do you think a band like The Cure will ever get their fair share of hits?

No! Not in my lifetime!

I know. I’m sure they have their share. But you have to earn your hits. Even if they’re just one song, you want to make sure your record is worthy of the hype. That means you want great songs, good songs!

What do you think your favorite dance music record of 2012 may be?

“One Dance,” by A-Trak. I’ve seen so much of his dance tracks, and I like them. I can’t help but think that his “Pump It Up” beat was incredible. I think other dance artists should keep pushing the quality of this kind of beat.

What is your worst recording mistake?

My worst recording mistake would have to be “Gettin’ In The Mood,” which I did on a friend’s old tape machine. That song was horrible. We had it mixed down on a shitty computer with no mics, and I was completely inaudible, so a track like that can be a killer. I’ll never let that happen again. I’m so nervous recording again — even more nervous than I was recording it!

What’s your new favorite thing happening in dance music today?

I love the beat of Alesso’s “Giant Steps.” I love the sound of Alesso using synths. He’s made everything I love sound different.

What is your current favorite producer?

I think it’s probably not a producer. This week I’m going to put that name forward. There’s so many beatmakers these days. There’s the old school guys like Daft Punk, you know the big names, and then there’s new school hipsters who want to be different (laughs).

I love the new stuff from the Dutch producer Vini

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How do I sell my first beat? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Raptor Power
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