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And your smart watch? Can you make calls?


I’m a writer. How do you do your best stories?

I don’t know. I like to take the characters I know and make them larger. When they are small, I can’t really be expressive and I like to work on my pacing and pacing is really important to me. So I try to find out how to give them a bigger dimension to me.

How does the voice over work on your shows?

Well, what you have to do is that you’ve gotta figure out how to make it sound right. Some of the best sound design, I’ve found, is to be able to make the character sound cool or intimidating or they don’t sound like the character.

Are there any other voiceovers you really love?
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I love any of the ones with people talking but also things we do in real life that we are actually trying to replicate. We’ve been able to do a lot of that on The Walking Dead. The idea that I was always saying was that this is our show and I want you to think this is the real life version of me. It’s really about trying to make people’s fears and anxieties feel real in the fiction of the show while doing it in some of the more real places in real life.

I thought that was a really important point. I love anything that says, “Well it’s a world that you find yourself right now.” Like, people are still out fighting and that war is still raging on. Or all the people on Earth have been doing it for thousands or millions of years. People would come up to me and tell me what they would do differently now, especially people who have never left their homes before. That was kind of inspiring to me as what is really important in making this world feel like what it is.

We all see things we wish we had done differently on the way down. Many of us are guilty of forgetting or neglecting to give our children the best start possible.

At my daughter’s preschool, I often ask the children how they are doing — why not?

The answer from almost everyone, of course, is that they can’t. They can’t do it. They don’t have the energy. So of course they are not being as careful as we should have. We expect them to go over the steps and try to understand everything — they need to do everything by

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Can you talk to Siri? – How To Rap Fast
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