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Google Translate is an impressive tool but not as amazing and versatile as it was in the good old days when the software was released in 2006. In these days of multi-language and multiple screen interfaces, people are looking for software that can translate speech, images, and text into as few as four languages as well as the ability to translate to other languages. Google Translate is a tool that does all four, it can do just about everything.

If Apple wanted to create an assistant, Google should be at the top of the list. It is a complete and total win over Siri. What better way to kick off 2015 than by creating a new Google Translate for iOS 7? If you own an Apple device, be sure to keep tabs on Siri’s new appearance, in particular with Google Translate. As Apple’s Translate app is now a Google Translate app, you can now have a Google translator with you on your phone.

It is still hard to write software that is fast and easy for us humans to use, but in 2015 it isn’t hard to beat Apple. The Apple team is currently working on new features in Siri to make it simpler for humans to understand language. If Apple can make it so Siri is easier to use and more human-friendly in future releases, then we are sure to see more of the same for other companies to offer us our assistant software as well.

HALIFAX — One Canadian doctor was charged Tuesday with sexually assaulting a man at the Halifax Art Gallery.

A 19-year-old victim described the assault during an interview with police in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

According to the Nova Scotia Integrated Correctional Services, Dr. Michael J. MacLean was charged with sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual assault by restraint.

He will be lodged in custody in Dartmouth until his next appearance in provincial court on July 17. If convicted, he could face a minimum of 10 years in prison.

The victim described the attack as “brutal” and said he was afraid of being identified.

“How can you do that to people like that? It made my stomach hurt.”

The woman said she was sitting with family and friends, when a man walked by her around 9 p.m. Monday. But she said she quickly turned away as his hands reached for her breasts and her clothing.

The Halifax woman said the man then told the girl they could

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Can you rap Siri? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Songs Best
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