What’s the easiest song to play on guitar? – Best Guitar For Kids To Learn On

The easiest song to play on guitar is probably “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” by AC/DC. It’s a very easy song to play. And it also has the best chorus on the whole album.

Which is your favorite song in the band’s history?

That’s a hard one. I just think, obviously, “Shout at the Devil.” I love that song. I have it memorized every time. That’s the one that made me the bandleader. (Laughs.)

That’s just so cool, because it’s the only song you played that’s still in there, but there’s so much in the band history, you don’t know which old song you’ll be able to pick out of it. Right? How do you decide what a classic song is, anyway?

Well, in music, what kind of songs are important? Like, what are the best songs that have ever been written? And I just look at them and think, “God, that’s just so great!” And I know what it’s like to be in a band for a lot of years, and you’re playing the most classic music. You hear it over and over and over. And you realize, “Wow, that’s how I’ve been playing my whole life. I can’t just change that.” And then, it gives me the courage to go out and write that record.

You know, I’m not a big fan of new age music or anything like that — rock and roll, I wouldn’t even bother. But when I listen to music, I’m drawn to, well, music that’s in an era where it’s been recorded and known — music like The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder, or something like that. But when I hear new age music or new age pop, all I’m hearing is somebody just dancing, or singing, or playing a song like this. Like, that’s not the best music to play, I believe.

But that’s just a matter of taste. If you like “Shout at the Devil,” you’ll like “Suspicious Minds,” or “Walk This Way.” And I’m not saying that everybody shouldn’t like those songs as much as they want. But I can’t help liking new age music when in fact all the new age records have been recorded in a decade after I first heard them. I just don’t like any new age music. I guess I’m one to a certain extent

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What’s the easiest song to play on guitar? – Best Guitar For Kids To Learn On
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