What are the 5 basic guitar chords? – Learn Guitar Chords Pictures On A Guitar

The 5 basic guitar chords are Bdim, Cmin, Em and Gmaj

The 4 basic guitar chord tones are Eb major, E minor and A minor

How about a few other tips on guitar chords?

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What is the major scale?

We’ll look at the root note for every guitar chord.

1.1 Chords 101 – Root Note of Guitar Chords

We’ll learn the root note for each guitar chord to help you understand its use, as well as how to use it to improvise, and even learn a chord progression that is based off of this note.

What is a major chord?
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The name “major” doesn’t refer to a tone, or a chord, but is a note that is in the top 5 of a scale.

In other words, any note of the scale is a major.

So, we will examine the root note for each major chord as well as the scale that it comes from in this lesson.

It’s also a good idea to know how each chord progression differs from previous progressions, as well as the chord in which it is in.

1.2 Chords 101 – Root Note of Guitar Chords

Now that we’ve reviewed the root note of every chords, and how the scale it can be found in, let’s explore the scales that form the basis of each major chord in this lesson.

All chord progressions are based in the major scale, and it includes notes from every major scale.

For example, the E major scale is named after E major, but the E major chord progression in this lesson will be the E major (root note) chord progression in the next lesson.

It also includes notes from all of the minor and dominant scale in this lesson.

In addition, since the root note is also the first note of each chord progression, we can see how each chord is the basis of the next chord progression!

1.3 Chords 101 – Root Note of Guitar Chords

The next step is to look at the notes in each of the 5 basic guitar chords.

For this lesson, we will use only the 4 notes of the major scale

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What are the 5 basic guitar chords? – Learn Guitar Chords Pictures On A Guitar
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