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It can sometimes be helpful to go with a simpler model first when you’re learning a new acoustic-electric combo. If you first start with an electric, chances are that you can use an acoustic guitar for hours on end without any problems. As the “newbie” progresses to an electric guitar, however, your playing will be hampered, so keep that in mind. I used to play many years before I moved to an electronic model and found that I wasn’t able to play the same for a while. If you’re not able to play the electric guitar with a bit of practice, just try an electric guitar with an electronic tuner instead.

What’s the best electric guitar for beginners?

The best-selling electric guitar has always been the Stratocaster. I love it because you can play an ultra-fast rhythm section, an extended rhythm section, and an extended solo with ease, all without losing the tone that you know. You get one and it’s yours to play on.

The Gibson Les Paul Pro is very popular too. It lets you play the same great tone and sounds that you get when you play a Stratocaster, yet is much heavier and has lots of power and sustain. Most people use the Gibson as a primary guitar for all their jazz (piano, organ, and other) sessions.

Other electric guitars for beginners include the Gibson 335 and 330. There are also a number of bass guitars to choose from. The Bigsby XS Bass is my personal favorite guitar. It lets you play the sweet chords and rhythms you know so well with ease. The Les Paul is my personal favorite electric guitar, but it’s not cheap. A solid-body model with an electric neck is another good option.

Guitar for Beginners

If you choose to play an electric guitar as your first guitar, you’ll have to take your time. Beginners often find that playing slowly can often help improve their playing. For example, if you have any trouble with your timing, learning to play more smoothly with a slower tempo can help a lot.

The following is a general outline of the guitar technique that you should learn when you first become familiar with your electric guitar. If you don’t have a guide like this handy, you can often find it by looking at other guitar teachers’ videos on YouTube. This is not intended to be a complete handbook (see below) and it’s not for the beginner. You can take your time with it

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Is it OK to start with an electric guitar? – Justin Guitar Lessons For Beginners
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