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A: No. No other question you ask at 19 is that question.

Q: Is it not possible to acquire good technique at 19?

A: Yes. It’s very difficult. Because we teach the guitar first in kindergarten. So when we talk about technique, in the elementary school it’s okay to speak about that, when we talk about music it’s okay to speak about that. But when we talk about rhythm… and so on and so forth… it’s different. In music theory, you speak about technique first, then you talk about rhythm. It’s different in that respect.

Q: So no matter how high you are now, is mastering technique a completely different thing?

A: Not completely, because it makes no sense to teach technique after a beginner who just learned guitar. I have been teaching for so long, and I have a lot of time, so I use this for teaching technique. I use this for the beginning, and then I start teaching music theory and music theory, and I keep applying my technique at age 9 or 10 for a while. So technique has already been learned.

Q: Is your technique totally different from the method of the famous guitarist, Joe Satriani?

A: [Smiles].

Q: Who was Joe Satriani?

A: Joe Satriani, the one with the voice.

Q: How old is Satriani, by the way?

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Is 19 too old to learn guitar? – Learn Guitar Easy
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