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If your answer is “you can probably count them all on one hand” then you’re probably a newbie or a beginner in the guitar world. We’ll do that by making the task of learning chords more accessible for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

Listen to over 20,000 chords or songs written by guitarists for a lesson in how to use chords to create your own style or play an instrumental that’s based on a chord.

Or we’ll give you a free download of 2 new free guitar lessons with chords, with step-by-step instructions, here or download it for free here

Now, here’s how to do it:

Click here to read our free chord guide

Step 1: Choose a music library

Our online Guitar Music Library allows you to easily choose a collection of free guitar tracks and listen to any chord that you like. Just pick any songs!

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight -- Easy Guitar Lesson ...
Step 2: Choose the chord

Start at the root and work your way through the chords. Pick any of the chord, choose a note and see how many other examples there are for that note. (e.g. 7th, 5th, 7, 5th, 7, or even 9th chord) Keep going to see how many more examples there are for each chord.

Once you hit 20 chords, we’ll show you how chord progression works

How to: Learn chords from a chord chart

So far, we’ve been working with chords written by guitarists. But when you look at a chord chart, you will not find this many chords.

In reality, there are around 1,300 possible chords (see: chart notes ) and they are arranged over 18 major and minor chords. All the chords in the chord charts are written by guitarists. So instead of learning each and every possible chord, you’ll only learn the chords that you find in the chord charts.

So, what do you do to learn chords?

Steps 1 & 2 – Pick a chord and start with a pattern

If you know the root of a chord, you already have a pattern to apply to a song from that chord.

In this lesson, we’re going to focus on some of the most common chord progressions with root-position patterns, which you use to hear and learn them.

So, pick a root chord from the previous lesson, start a pattern on it and work your way towards

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How many chords do guitarists know? – Youtube Learn To Play Guitar Easy
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