How do you play an F chord on guitar? – Justin Guitar

I use my fingers, and a C and E, on my fingers and a D on my guitar.

You said you used to spend most of your time studying the chords of blues and rock and roll, right?


Let’s talk for a second about that. Why did you decide to study blues and rock and roll?

Well, let me tell you about the first blues band I ever heard. I was in school. I guess I was a little kid. My Mom and Dad have been together since the 50s, so they’re older than me. They had been together for over four decades. I don’t remember who the first band was. Just like if you told me who was playing who first, there’s just no right answer. So a few years later I was walking around in the library trying to decide what to major in. I was listening to that first blues band like the first time it happened. All I heard back then was “It’s time to go home.” I just wanted to go to the car. I was like, This is awesome. Just like that. When I started playing I just loved the chords and the melody. I’m not so sure about the song names at this point, but I was still learning the chords a very early point. The whole time with my family. I never got into going off the beaten path with any music.

A big part of what you have been doing with your music and your life is working with a group called The Mountain Goats in North Dakota. Do you think it is possible that you could play in a band like that playing blues and rock and roll now?

I’ve said all along I was gonna make music that didn’t have any lyrics. But some of the people who come in are all in for words. They want a lot of words. Sometimes we try and do too much in one song. A lot of this stuff is hard to write. I think we’re doing it right. You go to a record label and say, This is an idea, I write songs in the style of your songs and that’s where this record will be recorded. But a lot of bands don’t see that.

Right. I mean it’s a very different approach.

Yeah. I’m glad. It has been a lot of trouble.

The new album is called “The Bitter End.” How did that come about?

So when we were in the studio

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How do you play an F chord on guitar? – Justin Guitar
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