Can I teach myself guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Easy And Fast

Well, probably not. First, it sounds like a lot of effort, so just give it a shot. And then, like when I asked for a guitar to learn that I didn’t play (my dad wanted to show me how to play guitar and that I would probably go on guitar lessons with him, for money), there are some things that seem like too much work (which I don’t want to do again.)

Another thing to think about is, how do you teach yourself a specific instrument? (Like, how do you teach a trumpet player to play their trumpet?)

Second, even if you do get the right instrument, you may not play well with it. (I just heard the guy I’m playing with playing his tenor sax solo. He really needs to get over that jazz solo thing.)

If I do want to play guitar, how do I get started?

There are lots of ways to learn. You could listen to some good music, or you could listen to some good recordings, or you could practice playing. I do not suggest practicing every day. However, I do recommend having some dedicated practice time after every day of study. If you only see a few songs, or if you have a few weeks to learn each instrument, you are not wasting time! That is when you really do need to put in the effort.

What are some good resources for learning guitar?

In general, you can start with a list of websites that you enjoy studying music, like Wikipedia, Musing, or Guitar Focused. If it is not so easy to come up with your own (I wish there was a good online version of it right now like it is in the iTunes store!), then perhaps there are some online resources online that can help.

Another one, again, really good online resources are YouTube and YouTube channels like and

One final note about video tutorials: they are not really a long term approach to learning guitar. If you are more interested in doing lots of YouTube lessons on Guitar Lessons than in learning a specific instrument, then you need to give them a fair shot (for now, as you go down the road!).

So what are more practical things I can do to learn guitar before I pick up a textbook?

Well, I am going to try and keep this post as short as possible, so there isn’t too much. But we are just going to focus on getting

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Can I teach myself guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Easy And Fast
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