Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Plus Size Red Flapper Dress

Let us count the ways.

The American flapper was a pioneer. She stood out from the thousands of others who traveled to Hollywood for fame. The flappers could be spotted at the local carnival in her day. She was never seen without a hat. And she didn’t wear makeup or make-up. In fact, she had her fair share. Even if you weren’t at the carnival that day, you were most likely looking at her. And if you ever found yourself out of the way of that woman’s hot, flaunting every facial imperfection, chances are good you would have had the opportunity to watch her do just that.

What was the most dangerous thing that could have been done to a woman? Well, to a flapper, it would have been pretty easy. The top three risks were:

Flirtation and seduction in public. Stealing from someone’s car. And driving drunk.

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In fact, one can say that as a young woman, one made every mistake one can ever make during a night out…and no mistake is too trivial to be made. She would have been a target for the top 2 risks listed above. That’s all we want on these pages today! But don’t go thinking you are immune to being a victim of these three risks. There are dangers out there for anybody on this earth.

If you’ve ever thought it was a little odd that people flaunted the best parts of their faces in pictures during their day to day lives, take a good look at these pictures.

If the camera was not handy in order to take this photo and you were looking at it from a window, what other places might you have taken it than your bedroom? The flapper looked glamorous and beautiful when she flaunted the front of her face in the pictures on this page…because even a picture is a better picture than no picture.

If you’ve ever wondered how it is that some people’s heads stay straight even while they try to shake their heads, you are not alone. The picture is a great illustration for the story of the straight head.

Let’s take a look at the following photo.

It was taken by a photographer in London. It shows a flapper in New York circa 1919. You will notice something very important here. In the photo, there is a man standing on a stool behind her. Yes, you guessed it, her head is straight. If you take a look at the photo

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Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Plus Size Red Flapper Dress
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