Whats a flapper in a toilet? – Flapper Dresses 1920S Gatsby Accessories

Well, it’s a woman in a toilet wearing a thong at the bottom of a toilet. She has a skirt on top of her and her bum.

What is flattery?

Flattery is being someone’s friend. It’s being someone else’s equal in the eyes of the other person. It’s giving someone a compliment when you aren’t being nice. It can be from all kinds of people- it can be from a stranger or a close family member, or you know, your boss.

Flattery is actually a very old school idea, as it has been practiced by the Romans. The Romans were all about giving compliments. They would make a person they liked smile and a woman was going to be the first person to make a person smile.
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The Roman society was very different than our modern society of work and productivity, but the ancient people who got the best advice from their ancestors were very nice.

And the best advice was to do everything for them. What happened in the modern life is the society got too self-important and thought, “I know what should be done. We know these things. We should do them all so that we get along better. We need to be meaner and meaner, I’m sorry.”

There’s a famous quote by a guy named Gertrude Stein. She writes, “If somebody was to tell me today that they wished they had done some things differently with others, I would ask whether anything had been done differently? If they replied: ‘No’ to that question, I would have to go on with the conversation as if they had not thought of it.”

We need somebody to get the job done. We’re always afraid of people doing something, rather than just being kind of nice to get along with somebody. We have to be kind. But in the modern society, our ancestors wanted it to work like a game.

There are two major forms of flattery nowadays. One is called complimenting somebody and the other is saying good things about somebody when they are being nice.

Complementary Flattery

A complement is when you compliment somebody on something, whether it’s a compliment, a compliment on their work, a compliment on how they’re behaving. But then you tell them why they did something good, what it was that they did that you like.

People are happy to come to work and be nice to each other.

People want to do a

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Whats a flapper in a toilet? – Flapper Dresses 1920S Gatsby Accessories
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