Who was the first flapper? – 1920 Vintage Flapper Dresses

In the early 1830s, a black woman in Philadelphia named Lucy Burns started wearing short-shorts and flounces, and a whole new wave of flapper style swept across America. Though Burns’ style was inspired by American slaves, she became the first flapper in America.

What did you wear for your first evening party?

“We had no idea in what clothes we were going to wear for our first evening party,” says Lacey. “[We did] come with our dresses, hats and blouses, but we didn’t want to get too over dressed. So we dressed up for dinner.”

In fact, by the time the show was over, Lacey had a whole different outfit she wanted to use. She told her husband what she wanted, and a couple days later he handed the wardrobe case to his mother and she brought it back. A week later his mother decided to buy her a dress, and Lacey put a bunch of other stuff in the laundry and had the rest delivered to her home. She spent the next year looking for matching accessories to bring to the event.

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And what inspired that party outfit that Lacey chose on this day?

“To be honest, it was pretty much an outfit I had made up in my head, but in this day and age, I didn’t have the heart to tell people exactly what it was, so it just kind of kept on going until I had the idea about the dress together,” Lacey says. And she kept it to herself.

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Who was the first flapper? – 1920 Vintage Flapper Dresses
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