Whats a flapper in a toilet?

Its’ a place to have a party.

The phrase is used when one or more people have a disagreement, or have a social event or fun, but do not wish to get involved with the parties or the people involved.

Flappers are also a small group that hang out to talk about sex, drugs and politics.

A flapper is most often a woman who is more or less attractive, but with slightly smaller breasts and legs.

The word flapper has an old origin in a female slang term referring to the “nubile”. See Nubiles.

In the 1980s in the United States, when the phrase was coined, it went so far as to refer to a specific kind of young lady who wore jeans, looked young, and was often referred to as “a nubile girl”. But this new meaning of the word has mostly come about from younger American women.

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One of my favorite characters is the wise, but sometimes difficult, sage, Professor Farnsworth. He is known for his wise, but sometimes difficult, reasoning that has to do with the nature of matter and how to solve all the scientific issues in an orderly way. While the name “Farnsworth” in the title may conjure up this sort of image, he can actually be found in the book Mr. Fry’s Grandfather, a book written by an unnamed writer with a strong interest in physics. In this book, he makes his living explaining physics in a very appealing, humorous, and yet scientific manner. In this section, I find out that the title comes from not having the correct equations at home, and hence, his father having to correct him at the library. He is in a predicament at the library and his father attempts to teach him the correct equations in order to correct him himself.

In the book, I do not find out what his father was trying to say to him as the story progresses. Later in the book, he mentions that it will all make sense as the end of the book will be when he and his great grandgrandfather (which presumably was his father) finally get out of the book for good. At which point, he will probably

Whats a flapper in a toilet?
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