What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – Antique Flapper Dress

How were American shoes different from those in Europe in those years? And what makes shoes today different from shoes that were made in the 1920s? These questions have remained largely unsolved.

With a week before the deadline to submit their plans to the city, residents in the District of Columbia are grappling with what the future of their urban areas will look like and the challenges of building a new neighborhood.

In the District, the deadline to submit a community plan to be considered by the city’s public works and development management agency was last Wednesday, November 29 at 11 a.m. The deadline was extended by six more days on November 30 for a total 10 business days. The council’s transportation committee unanimously approved a new policy on Monday for city residents to submit the planning plan to review and comments must be submitted no later than November 26, 2017.

The planning process is currently slated to run through February, but is due to begin again in May of 2018.

“As a community, we’re at this point where we need to start planning. We’re going to continue planning as an urban community,” councilmember Mary Cheh said. “We should be thinking about how we can move forward, how we can move forward so that we’re creating more vibrant, vibrant communities as our city grows into a much larger place.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has said she wants a sustainable future, said her administration will be providing details and resources to the residents of the District so that they can be best equipped and have the resources to plan ahead.

“[We have] plans for the city we should be having people vote us on so that we’re making sure we’re making the right, bold choices in terms of investments,” she said Monday afternoon at a news conference ahead of the planning committee’s session.

Bowser’s administration recently released updated funding proposals that seek additional capital investments for transportation, green space, parks, and water and sewer infrastructure. Under Bowser, the D.C. Council is also making changes to its budget process that has been criticized for being overly long and cumbersome.

The council approved a new policy, the 2017 Community Development Budget: Citywide Funding, on September 27, though the City Council is still working to finalize the City Budget, currently proposed by Bowser’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Dan Levitan. The budget proposal is now being reviewed by the city’s budget committee and must include a set of funding and funding rate allocations for the City of D.C. by January 5

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What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – Antique Flapper Dress
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