What shoes go with a flapper dress? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Forever 21

These were the questions a reader wrote in to ask us for guidance. Their question sparked a lively discussion about the appropriate combination of formal and casual shoes. Many participants in our discussion argued that a solid off-white pair with a striped chukka would be just as formal and appropriate in a contemporary flapper look as a solid dark blue or solid white pair. Others thought that a striped chukka was an appropriate choice for someone who has a more informal sense of style but still wants the look of a more formal dress shoe. To help make your choices more concrete, we have included an example of what two examples of men’s footwear look like.

If you still are unsure about your ideal footwear to wear to a social encounter, consider getting comfortable in the office of a professional fashion agency and take a look at both of our examples. Each example offers a practical alternative for men to wear when they are out in the office, and we hope they will be helpful in making a confident choice.

Mens Shoe Recommendations

The following pair of shoes are for every modern-day flapper looking to stand out from the crowd at a formal event. They are not necessarily the only pair of shoes or accessories you will want to take with you, but they are the ones that we feel will work best for the occasion and will most closely suit your needs.

These shoes provide a perfect and practical alternative when you are out in the office when you wish to express your more informal style but want a solid look without the expense of getting your feet wet. In our experience these can be worn with black slacks or dress slacks depending on your work attire and dress shoes are not usually appropriate.

Men’s footwear from Nordstrom.com:

Shoe #1 — Off-White Shoe White

Men’s Leather Boots $130

The white shoes are a timeless expression of the modern flapper look. The white leather shoes have been the go-to choice for many women for a centuries. The white shoes will have a warm and pleasant feel to them and are designed to be comfortable for wearing on the job. The white shoes will have a classic shape and are available in a wide variety of widths and materials from calfskin to canvas – all of which is an easy to wear look with a contemporary blazer.

Men’s Leather Boots $170

Men’s Dress Shoes $80

Women Flapper Dress Roaring 20s Gatsby Costume Fringed ...
The dress shoes feature a long shoe that resembles a dress dress shoe. However, they

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What shoes go with a flapper dress? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Forever 21
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