What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – Flapper Party

The shoes were a bit rough but they were comfortable

They were probably made by American shoe companies for Europeans

Which shoe brands were used for the 1920s footwear?

The American boot makers took advantage of the shoes

But we’re not sure what the makers’ names were

Which kind of trousers or trousers pants was the 1920s women wearing?

There were no particular outfits or patterns that women wore.

They had trousers, shirts and coats, but mostly they wore slouchy tops

They looked good to men but not to women

The clothing was casual but not as sophisticated as today

How many pairs of trousers or trousers trousers did the 1920s women wear?

They probably had a lot, probably 5 or 6 pairs

They were a bit different in shape from today

Why did the 1920s women wear slouchy tops and pants?

Women’s clothing had different styles in the 1920s according to age

The women in the 1920s had started to get a rise in size at the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven

The pants and tops they wore were short or long but were a regular shape

The 1920s women could fit both the bust and waist

Their styles were much more modern

They did look less like their predecessors

How many trousers and pants did the 1920s women wear?

They probably had 6 to 7 pairs

We don’t know how many of the trousers were short or long

We don’t have a pattern to judge by

I don’t know if these models were worn when the fashion was popular in the 1920s

I don’t have a set of sizes to compare with today

The most likely length of a pair of trousers was at least 7 inches

There were some pairs that were 9 or 10 feet in length

How many sets of pants and trousers trousers were used in the 1920s for women?

We have many sets of jeans available, we know for sure those sets came out between the early 1920s and late 1930s

Men would probably get them from department stores

Men would probably get pants and trousers

What is the average size of a set of pants and a pair of pants?

The average height of the pants in a set is about 11 inch. Some may have an inch or two over the height

The smallest pair of pants would be two sizes larger than

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What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – Flapper Party
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