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This image from a magazine shows that women in the 1920’s were not only beautiful in their own way, but could also make beautiful friends, love their husbands, and have babies easily. And, in a time when society could not afford the luxuries of modern life, women in the 1920’s were still able to find a way to make a living.

Women in the 1920’s were also capable of making a living by selling and buying goods for people in need. To get a job in the Depression Era, the women of today would have to learn about the labor market and make decisions about who should work for whom, how often and how much. The more educated and wealthy women of today were better able to handle these decisions because they had more time to learn about markets, to know how the money worked, and to think carefully about the risks involved in trying to solve these issues. While today, they may not know much about markets, they do think about markets and often act on their decision-making processes.

These choices that women made during the Depression Era would not be the same choices that today have women living in the United States living in. It’s important to know that if women had to make business decisions that could put them in debt and leave them without financial stability, they would not make these decisions with any knowledge and understanding of modern economics and how markets work.

Women may want to read this article because it is filled with facts about the Depression of the 1930s and why it lasted so long. Women also might want to know when women’s careers take on a different role and more opportunities because of this time period, and when and if society will allow for women to get paid for their work.

A History Lesson

Women in the 1920’s were making better decisions in their lives, and these decisions were not driven by a fear of failure. It is important to understand that people would go to great and even tragic ends to achieve their goals or dreams. Many, even most women, had the courage to make difficult choices. Today, few women are willing to make those difficult decisions without being faced with financial hardship, debt, or even the threat of violence.

To hear the stories and learn more about women in the Great Depression and the work of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Women Of The Depression Project, head on over to the museum’s website.

Further Reading

Women Of The Depression by Dr. Mary Ann Leckie, The New York Times, May 2st

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What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Real1920’s Flapper Dress Images
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