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I knew that there were two types of flappers, the red, who wore lipstick black from the waist down and the yellow, who mostly wore it white or a lighter hue. I had to research red lipstick, yellow lip lipstick, and even a light lipstick on red lips. I had to get the right shade, and I didn’t know what that meant for black lipstick.

How did women look in the 1940s?

Women didn’t necessarily wear makeup then, but they could certainly wear dark lipstick. There were a lot of makeup colors in color cosmetics during the ’40s that women would never wear again. The red lipstick was very popular. It was the most red color.

Did you know anyone who wore red lipstick?

Of course not. Women didn’t look at themselves in the mirror and see that they were wearing red lipstick.

Do you think women who came in with red lips, now use that product to lighten their lips?

I have done a whole series of posts on women who used to be a shade of red in the 1940s who were very, very pale because of the use of red lipstick. But my guess is women today would not be so surprised by that because they already have such large lips as well.

Do you think you would have been able to wear red lipstick in your time?

My style was all over the place, and if the right color came up I’d use it. But in 1940s, I’d have been totally out of luck.

How different from you could you have been when you were younger?

As a baby? My little lips were not round. Some people would say I had a very round face, but I had square.
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What would you wear to a party?

I love the black and white dresses I saw in magazines. I’d look like a ballerina in a red dress.

I was once told that you were a beautiful woman. How would that make you feel?

I guess it just makes me very, very happy that I have that kind of confidence.

You once said in a Playboy interview that women could have a black, blue, and white lipstick and still feel pretty. What do you say to women who tell you how beautiful you are?

Do the colors have to be the same? I’m sorry to give you an opinion! Do you know what color you are??

Yes. Do you think

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What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Flapper Dress With Accessories
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