Did flappers wear long gloves? – Plus Size Vintage Flapper Dresses

I do have a question for you, but I’ll wait to ask it.


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Dear Caitra,

The short answer is no. The long answer is because gloves make you a target. As a flapper, you will be a target if you wear one of the flapper’s favorite accessories: the fingerless glove.

The fingerless glove is the first thing any flapper will look for when buying a wedding gown. The glove is one of the first items that is not made by a seamstress and is rather inexpensive.

The reason the pink of this particular fingerless glove means “lady” is that the pink is the color most women choose to wear underneath their wedding gown. While other colors are just plain, it is these pink or white gloves that the flapper will wear underneath her wedding gown.

So when she gets to her rehearsal dinner with her bridesmaids and waitresses, they know what sort of girls she is. The ones who can use a hand-knotted cocktail dress to keep them warm at that rehearsal dinner when they get there and they’ve never had a flapper before.

You can also imagine the type of woman who will wear such a glove and you’ll have an idea for the types of women who will be interested in buying a wedding gown like that. The reason why flappers love to wear the fingerless glove is that it is more feminine than it appears.

I have a picture of a fingerless glove in my book, Vintage Vintage Wedding Gowns. It is quite a piece of work. It is also very feminine, even if the flapper isn’t wearing a pink glove.

How to Choose a Wedding Gown

I’m not going to tell you which type of glove to get but it is imperative that you go somewhere where they have hand knotted bridesmaids and waitresses who can do it. The hand knotted bridesmaids are not only very talented but some of the most fashionable.

You need to be able to get the type of hand knotted bridesmaids who want to wear your wedding gown. You need to have a hand knotted bridesmaid who is also going to want to wear a wedding gown. The waitresses who are hand knotted are the most desirable of the bridal waitresses.

In the past I’ve had to try several hand knotted bridesmaids and waitresses and all of my

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Did flappers wear long gloves? – Plus Size Vintage Flapper Dresses
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