How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Flapper Dress Tutorial

Well, I’ll be fair, it wouldn’t be easy… It would be tricky…

So, what you are telling me is that you have the know-how to make one?

Yes, I can cut the tops off the shirts easily.

Do you think it would look good?

Well, I wouldn’t say it would be the best, it would probably not be quite the most pretty skirt.

So, do you think that would be good enough for a high society prom ?

What I would say would be the only thing is, the only thing that it is good for would be a prom dress, or some sort of prom dress, which is where the rest of my money could go.

Well, now let’s move onto what is going on on your head; your head is filled with ideas, and your mind is buzzing with ideas. What would be a good idea for a girl who is dreaming of a future.

Would a girl who is dreaming of the future do anything different?

Well, probably not much would change, there would be some thing I would say could be nice or could add to the idea.

What would be the most interesting or desirable thing would a girl do when she starts having ideas?

Well, I would say that she has to be a creative person, and I would like one of those girls who works out a lot of ideas or who has ideas that go beyond just one idea.

Would be the most interesting or desirable?

And, the last idea is for another girl who is always dreaming.

Would she do anything specific?

Yes, she would have to work out a pretty particular idea which would look pretty cool or not, and then go ahead and create something.

Do you think that when a girl has a lot of ideas it is possible that she will create a masterpiece?

I think it is pretty likely, I don’t think a girl has not gotten more creative when she has had ideas, which is why most girls make many things work.

So, you believe that in a way that a girl starts her life with lots of ideas?

Yes, I am sure, I think so.

So, I will get back to it. What would a good idea be for a girl to consider for her first date idea?

Well, I suppose it would be to work out on your date plans how you are going

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How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Flapper Dress Tutorial
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