Is there a strategy to playing roulette? – Online Live Casinos Australia

I do not play the odds of losing; I do not risk my life or my bank. I have done all I can. I’m not sure if I have to win the roulette. I’m probably going to be honest with you and say I have not taken a lot of chances in life. But I do not play the odds at all.

How do you calculate your odds?

When I decided, after a long search, to take the risk of a life and my bank, I didn’t make an educated guess; I got it from watching TV. But I can’t really use my calculations to beat these roulette tables. It is just luck. That is what this game is, and it is not about numbers.

Have you ever played at these tables again?

I had a ball, a white ball, as it were, that I was trying to go into a black slot and that was one of the two games that were on the show. I just did my best to get it there. I did not think it would be that difficult, to get a ball through a black slot. And I ended up winning, of course, because it was a white ball. It went into the black spot and that was the end of it.
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There are other contestants on the show, including one who has a black ball. Tell me about that.

Well, I met him for sure in Las Vegas. We were in the same car at the casino where we were going to go on the show and when we first met, he said he had the ball. He said the ball was in his pocket. The white ball was in his hand. You can imagine the difficulty that he had to get it to slip out.

The only thing I knew about him was he had lost his job. His wife had left him because he got divorced over a gambling problem. So he was alone. I thought it was a very interesting man, very funny, very intelligent, very kind, very loving, very kind. But I don’t think we would have connected. We probably would have talked about the fact that he lost his marriage and that is not as likely to happen to a white man.

Is he a gambler?

He was a fairly decent player until this past summer when he lost about $1,800, to a couple of roulette tables. He lost everything he had, including his house. He was very depressed. He could not even

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Is there a strategy to playing roulette? – Online Live Casinos Australia
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