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When a lot of women read about rape, they’re surprised how little they can relate to the women’s experiences. So when Lena Dunham said she was shocked when she saw a rape threat written on a woman’s car, we wondered: Do rapists care about rape in general? And what are they doing to try to stop it?

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s tweet about a rape threat on a woman’s car seemed to sum up the response that many women have had to her recent comments. The woman, who lives in New York, said she received many rape threats after posting a video of her crying while watching a rape drama from HBO on Facebook.

“To the people threatening my life. Yes. You actually have my personal information. I am very well aware that I am a human, and should have the right of free speech. But as a woman I am very, very weary of your tone of voice,” she wrote. The woman, whose identity Lena has not revealed, said the rape threats were so frequent that she felt safe on a daily basis. It seemed that the threat came from men (or “some guy,” as Dunham herself acknowledged). One man, she said, had sent her this tweet: “Don’t let a pussy like you ruin what it is you love to do. I hate you, and I can’t stand it when a woman who doesn’t have a brain isn’t funny. No offense to other women…. You will be one in hell. It’s all good.”

The message seems clear: Don’t let a woman’s voice be silenced by rape threats. However, there’s a catch: As Dunham admits, as a woman, she doesn’t understand rape threats. And this wasn’t a joke.

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Can you swing trade forex? – Swing Trading Stock Picks Newsletters Images Of Butterflies
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