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This question was asked by a woman in London in a post I did on music. If you’re unfamiliar with the notation and want to know, just hit the link.

Some other notes on the E# in D major.

E# is a minor triad. It has a root note, so E is at F#. D is F#. (If you’re not familiar with triads, you should go listen to music that features two or more. It’s a great way to learn chords. Also it’s the basis of some classical music, since you can get by without knowing A and D.)

One common misconception about E# is that it plays the same note as the fifth in C. In reality, the fifth of C is C#, and because the E (E#) is a minor triad (E is 5 away from C) the root note is F# (as opposed to C#). So E# plays C#. (It also does better than A.)

You’re right that in C major, the root note is F#, but C# is still a minor triad so the note plays C#. E is still in this class, and it still plays the same note as the fifth (C), but it’s not the same note – it’s the same note, but it’s not the same pitch.

So, if we look at D major and see that the root note is B, the E# is B. The C# is still a minor triad (since it is F#, and the note played by the fifth is F#), and since C is C#, the E does not play C. It does play C#, but it is not the same E# as the fifth in C/C#.

So, just in case you’re still getting confused here, here’s the answer:

(The “and ” symbol is important. It has to be at the start of each note, before it moves to the next, so if you’re using this notation you should put the “and ” symbol between each note.)

E# in E major.

There you have it! Just by knowing these numbers, you should be able to see how E major chords sound. But, there are some things you have to know to get started working with these chords (which will be explained below).

So, are you still confused?

Hopefully, some

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What note is E minor? – Best Way To Learn To Sing
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