What is a time period? – Learn How To Use Crystal Singing Bowls

As mentioned, all of my dates are based off of my last date. That’s kind of like the old timey adage (in a way): do as I say and be sure to get a copy of my book before you go.

Why the date? No matter how I make you pay for it, I’m sure it’s better to have a date than nothing.

You get what you pay for. What you get isn’t a guarantee that it will get you out.

I got a copy for the cost of a coffee on top of which each and every item that came with the ebook is listed right next to it.

I’ve paid for that by the way. (Which is something I know you’ll enjoy.)

If you use PayPal, you might have no problem sending me a check instead of a payment through PayPal. Just ask me nicely.

What about shipping and customs fees?

I ship the books in a USPS flat rate envelope. I do this to reduce the chances of something getting lost or damaged as I ship. (Which is something I appreciate.)

Shipping outside the United States will incur additional $20-45 shipping fees (for non-US customers who prefer flat rate).

If you do order through PayPal, I’ll send you a tracking number. I’ll also email you as soon as your shipping status changes. I’ll be happy to advise you of any issues.

Where is my hard copy ordered?

Your hard copy of The Game of Life should be received within a few days of payment by the time I send you the email.

I can also mail you a digital copy of the book on request, though please allow at least one month for delivery due to USPS’s backlog on digital books. If you want the digital version without the hard copy I’ll send you a link that you can enter into your email.

I need to charge an affiliate or affiliate link. How do I do that?

When this campaign begins I’ll add an affiliate link. Just follow the instructions from the screen, you’ll receive an email with a link. You can change your affiliate link here.

Can you ship to my country?

I don’t ship internationally. But you can buy The Game of Life here at your local hobby comic shop. You need to select the option to get the ebook delivered to your door.

Any further questions?

Feel free to send me a message

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What is a time period? – Learn How To Use Crystal Singing Bowls
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