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Vocal cords look like the ends of an orangey-white fruit. They are about one inch long and about one centimeter wide, and they are very thin as a rule. Some types of larynx can grow to about three inches. All have very thin membranes that surround them. The outer membrane is a thin wall that is thick at the back and at the sides. The inner membrane is like a tube with a little opening at the bottom called a gill arch or throat opening. The membrane is a light tan in color. The tongue is very long and slender at the back where the membrane meets it, but it extends a long way in front. The larynx is about a foot long. The tongue is not pointed. The roof of the mouth is a strong curve where the tongue connects to the teeth. This curve also helps the larynx control its movement. In other words, the tongue is not always on the same side as the teeth on the back of your throat.

Where does the vocal cord end?

The vocal cord ends where it attaches to your tongue. This is called the larynx.

The mouth has three large lobes. Between the upper and lower larynx is a thin wall called the mucous membrane. This thin mucous membrane is attached by an undulation called the trachea. The trachea is the tube that goes down your throat to your lungs. It is the easiest way for your vocal cords to exit your mouth.

Why do some larynxes have multiple vocal cords?

Some larynxes, called a larynx, can have more vocal cords (or vocal cords) when compared with other larynxes. The reasons there for these variations in larynx size are not entirely clear. In fact, we don’t have an answer to that question.

What are the differences between male and female vocal cords?

Some males have three vocal cords (one for each vocal fold) while some women have just one. The two types are different in that the cords are sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. Generally speaking, the cords are also a little heavier on the female vocal cords. However, this does not mean that a voice-box may be too large for a woman. It is generally accepted that the bigger vocal fold would have more weight in it. For example, the female vocal folds are the size that will allow for easier breathing.

What sounds can I make with my voice?

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What do vocal cords look like? – Learn To Sing App
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