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No matter how it starts out I will sing every day. Whether I write a song or play a show I sing it on an everyday basis. There’s no limits. The only time I’ll stop is if there is nothing I want to do except live. If I find something I want to do other than sing though, I’ll do it.

I remember your song “My Home”, when you were in a bad mood you sang that to the beat of a song. Does it mean any good to you in a song?

Yes, it does. What I’m talking about is the song ‘My Home’ is not just a song but a song of my heart.

This interview was arranged by David Sege.

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What happens when a country is flooded by a hurricane, in a season when it is supposed to be one of the world’s most beautiful places? You get bad press, because when something is going wrong with the country, it tends to attract the worst kind of attention.

But when something is going right, like France has been recently, it goes unnoticed, and it becomes an obvious feature of the landscape and the city. This is certainly true of some of the images I saw floating around the internet last month — the image of a couple enjoying the views of the Seine river, and a photograph of young people enjoying a swim in one of them.

“It is impossible to forget,” said Thomas Piersall of Nice, the photographer of all these pictures in the French capital.

At first, when the pictures first went online, the reaction was not just the usual angry comments and tweets about the “vile and immoral” images — there were many also wondering how he managed to get them to such a high quality, and, more important for us, how this can happen in one of their biggest cities. “I’m not a photographer, but I am sure I don’t shoot my subjects on a holiday or in a nice place for that matter,” said Piersall, who is a member of an international photographic forum, Ciné.

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But soon there was a response from those who know about photography. “There is a photographer here who has been in Paris for years who told me that he was shocked,” said Nicolas Huyghe.

Some said it reminded them of a “déjà vu”. Some said the images were a sign of how beautiful Nice is — it didn’t

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Is it bad to sing everyday? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Notes Images Music
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