Is bitumen a liquid? – V-Tech Stand And Learn Singing

While Bitumen is used to produce the oil used in oil sands production, the petroleum in Bitumen has an extremely high viscosity. This makes it extremely difficult to remove from the ground.

So what can you do to prevent the bitumen from being deposited in your well?

It’s important to know how to properly remove bitumen from your well and to use a proper well protection plan.

Using natural gas to protect your well

Once the bitumen is removed from the well, you are left with a thick, hard, black tar that is not good for any production area, even one in which you have well protection plan in place.

Gas is a natural solvent in oil sands, such as bitumen, that breaks down much more easily than oil. When this is the case, it is difficult to keep oil sands production areas dry and safe for your neighbors.

So your natural gas well may not be the best choice for protecting your neighborhood wells in bitumen areas.

Using petroleum to protect your well

Oil sands are more than 30% petroleum based by volume. This is a major reason for the high viscosity of bitumen. As well, they contain a much higher proportion of water – almost 20%. This makes petroleum oil significantly harder to remove from your well.

If you have a well protection plan prepared in case of bitumen contamination, you will be able to use petroleum to help prevent your well getting contaminated from your natural gas well.

“What are you going to be doing? Being an archaeologist for NASA!”

It is the answer to a burning question. And if you’re not quite in a position to choose among those, or are unsure what archeology is, or don’t speak Spanish, it’s time to get this whole thing straight from the horse’s mouth…

What is Archeology?

Archeology is concerned with discovering and understanding how the earth was and was not formed, and the past environments where living things inhabited.

As far as the word “culture” goes, archaeology has a long history dating back to Ancient Greece (which we’ll get into later). A culture is a group of people living in one place for an extended period of time. For the purposes of this article, a culture, and it’s characteristics, refers to whatever is common amongst a certain set of human beings.

Now, most of the time where we get this confused with “archaeology,”

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Is bitumen a liquid? – V-Tech Stand And Learn Singing
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