How do you sing for beginners? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms And Spiritual Songs Amharic

Most of my time on this tour was spent singing. It’s my dream and I would have loved to have had all the songs written by now. I was very excited to have a group of friends show up and perform for all of us as we sang some of our favorites along with others I learned from.

What was your musical upbringing like?

My musical background begins with piano. I had piano lessons at my father’s home in the Philippines for the majority of my life. I learned and perfected the art of playing the piano by myself. The music I grew up with was gospel, blues, rock, pop, jazz and country music.

What are some of your best songs that you have ever released?

I’d have to give out the winner to my biggest hit, “My Body’s Made For Love,” which is based on the story of my relationship with the late singer Ray Charles. I’ve had many more hits in my career but “My Body’s Made For Love” is one of my favorites. And I can’t think of any other song I recorded that had a similar impact on me from recording or listening to. It’s an old song and the feeling is amazing, it’s got the magic that comes from being with one of my heroes, Ray Charles. I would say it’s one of my best things yet.

What keeps you motivated to go on and perform?

There’s one thing that keeps me excited to get out on stage and play to people. I feel it’s very important. I have to have something special for everyone to enjoy and get to know them better. Being able to perform music and talk to other people gives me that great feeling with the audience. I want to play for people that are excited to hear me sing and get to know me. I want people to connect with me because I have something special for all of them, my fans are part of that.

What have you learned about your music career over your career that has impacted your performances?

There are always going to be challenges and opportunities like the recording process. I’ve learned that even though it’s a very small part of the songwriting process, it is an important part of a song. That’s always a big part of learning and practicing. The recording stage, along with touring on a touring band, creates a lot of ups and downs for the music business. I would say that there are a few lessons that have come easy from my experiences on this tour.

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How do you sing for beginners? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms And Spiritual Songs Amharic
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