Do vocal nodules hurt? – How To Learn Dance At Home For Beginners

Vocal nodules on the vocal folds are caused by excessive, uncontrolled laryngeal tone, although many people can get these nodules easily without laryngeal problems. They don’t always hurt, though. If the tongue or lips move up and down when you sing, or when the tongue comes in and out, you’re also likely to get vocal nodules.

How are vocal nodules recognized in children?

No one knows how many children can get them. Most of the children who get them don’t have signs at all. But some children show the symptoms of vocal nodules, such as a dry mouth or an uncomfortable laugh.

If the voice is more rapid or shrill, this is called hypofronection. If your voice slows down in rapid succession, or is deep or deep-pitched, this could be an indication of sinusitis, or an overproduction of mucus.

How do I avoid them?

If you can do it easily — sing softly and smoothly, without lagging, and with a clear, relaxed smile — you will probably never have vocal nodules. You may even never notice them. But if you develop them, be sure that nobody else is affected or that you don’t start singing just after you find out you have them.

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Do vocal nodules hurt? – How To Learn Dance At Home For Beginners
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