Can I learn singing at 30? – Learn Indian Classical Singing Online

No – the only reason I will play in the choir at 30 is if it’s something I think will allow me to progress and that I want to do well, and if I think it will make me happier. If I really want to have a lot of fun, and I am doing it very deliberately, I hope I can do all the solo performances with a lot of energy, and to create some sort of drama. I’m not a guy who is comfortable with rehearsing, and a lot of my vocal lessons are mostly a form of teaching. I know that many young singers will say they want to learn the piano and cello first, and then sing. What I would say to that and a lot of young singers might be: “You’re wrong. It’s all about having an easy flow of expression and being creative in what you do. Once I’ve learned to sing properly, and sing well, I will start playing things, but at 30 when I want to learn to become a more confident singer, I need to have a new start. I’m not going to sing everything, even though I should. I don’t need to. But I do need to learn how I can get into a very comfortable place and find a way to express myself. And that is the real part of being a singer.”

What will my life be like as a singer at 30?

It will be very different. What will be much easier for me than a young person’s day job is the kind of job that I am going to have. I will have a house and I will be able to give a lot of my time to learning, to being able to have a good singing career with some sort of financial security. It’s all the same. It’s good that all that changed because the life-style is much harder at 30 than 30 is at 20. I’m not talking just about being married. You will have to make a lot of sacrifices about the kind of house you can buy and whether you can afford to use a car or not. But overall, there will be a very different life as you get older. You will have much less money to spend.

Do you think I’ll have a career with a certain kind of energy?

Absolutely. It will all depend on how you look after yourself and the kind of work you want to do.

And it’s not just your career that will change at 30, but other aspects of your life. You will probably have much less

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Can I learn singing at 30? – Learn Indian Classical Singing Online
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