Can bad singers become good? – How To Learn Singing Indian Song Youtube

It’s very hard to get people to want you to sing. I had a lot of success as I was singing live, but then when I was recording with my band, we went through some financial trouble and it was very hard. I would play a concert or an open-mic night with my friends. Then, I got a call from my agent telling me I wasn’t interested in recording anymore.

I think I had just discovered my voice, singing with my friends and at places that were very intimate. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of people who wanted to sing like I did.

Are there certain singers that you listen to that give you ideas on what you want to do?

I don’t look at it as an artist or musician. I look at it more as a person who’s had a lot of success. I’m not doing all the things and being as successful as the other people, but I’m trying to do something that doesn’t necessarily require me to be the best.

You do have a lot of fans. How do you find them?

It’s not necessarily how you find them, but how you make them come back to you. I think we’re still having fun and finding ways to make people laugh! The fans are great at making fun of our faces, not just at the fact that we’re singers. The fans are great. So, if you see us at a bar, say hello! If they recognize who we are, that’s great!

How do you get to meet so many fans?

There are a lot of fan clubs around the world. Some of the more obscure ones are in Tokyo and South Korea, in places like Japan. But in the United States, I have to travel and have to meet fans and go out on stage. I go to a lot of shows, but in a normal day I usually only go a few times.

You have had a lot of success in Japan in the past, yet you always feel the need to do more and have a longer break between albums.

The way life works, most people do not have that kind of time. If you put it into perspective, when I was about 20 or so, I would go back home. I grew up in a city with one of my best friends living in the same city as me, but he was in a different country so he didn’t really hang out with me a lot.

There’s a misconception

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Can bad singers become good? – How To Learn Singing Indian Song Youtube
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