Who made the flapper dress? – Roaring 20S Plus Size Flapper Dress

This one is kind of a mystery. I know a couple of people (or did know someone) who made a flapper dress with embroidery on the bodice, back, and front, but it’s not that I remember exactly who did it. I don’t know if the owner wanted to be a little bit like the little girl pictured in the photos. I know one person in the flapper business who had two different styles and one was a very unique look. It’s almost like the design doesn’t matter, so long as it’s unique. That’s why flappers dress so much differently than regular people, and flappers dress so much differently than any other outfit or style.

Who makes the “I like flappers” dress?

I guess the person who made it. It sure looks like me.

Was it made by a flapper?

Not by a flapper.

I see “I like flappers” in other people’s photos…


Is it an iconic and cool look for flappers?


Where can I buy the dress/shirt?

The original one is currently for sale here. The same color is still there though, so if you want the “new” version, contact Dessy Design.

How do I buy a flapper dress on etsy?

I don’t know whether they still make those dresses or not, but the dress can be purchased on etsy.

I’ve found the dress/tie/sleeve at the mall, what do I do?

1920s White Beaded Sequin Stella Flapper Dress
If you are looking for a t-shirt or a dress at the mall, it is probably just a flapper style. These clothes are probably about $20-$30. I would recommend picking up a dress to wear to a flapper party/dress-up event (just because flappers dress so much differently than others) and buying a dress for a party you will attend because you will be dressing up. Dress up is so fun, and flappers are awesome because they are in the middle of it all, and the whole thing is happening. And because flapping isn’t really all that popular these days, you may want to go to the mall to purchase the dress and just buy the dress if you have money (which you most likely don’t have, so it is really good to look like you have some money, you really should). Just be in a room with people

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Who made the flapper dress? – Roaring 20S Plus Size Flapper Dress
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