Who made the flapper dress? – Fringed Flapper Dress

In an interview over 20 years ago, actress Joanne Woodward and author John Le Cairncross met on the set of a musical and began to create a plan. Le Cairncross remembers a meeting where Woodward had been planning to wear something else for her part…

…she decided to wear a sexy feather headdress called a ‘flapper dress’ and Le Cairncross recalls her as ‘a very shy woman, shy and awkward.’

Le Cairncross said: ‘A flapper dress is pretty much like a wedding dress on a runway. It has lots of little details in it that you wouldn’t notice unless you’re there and looking a little closely.’

Woodward agreed: ‘They asked Joanne to wear a flapper dress… she didn’t know what she was doing.

‘She thought it was too sexy. She was getting to know the cast of the show and she was getting to know them.’

Le Cairncross also shared an excerpt from the book: ‘But one of them, a lovely lady, was on the phone to Joanne saying she’s just gone into the studio at 5am and she’s just asked if she was ok, and she was.

‘The girls looked at each other and thought why would Joanne be happy? It was pretty clear. It would be terrible for her.’

Woodward was the only one allowed to wear the ‘flapper costume’ that took her from her bed to the set, but Le Cairncross told the Guardian when asked about the incident: ‘They are still very important pieces of fashion as these days.

“It is a really interesting topic in America. We have it now and many of the clothes that are on sale on sale in our supermarket are flappers costumes. And that is a great piece of fashion.’

In a post on her website, she wrote about her ‘proud’ grandmother who used her own skirt to walk on stage: ‘This was a great day for me as I had worn heels for all of my life, and had always thought about how comfortable my heels made me and why it was so important to wear heels. And so was my grandmother.

‘On top of that the girls were all naked as it’s not a secret that you need to see your nipples.’

In addition to her book called Flamperdance for Women, Woodward told The Guardian: ‘As a young person and as

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Who made the flapper dress? – Fringed Flapper Dress
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