What is a flapper style dress? – 1920 Red Flapper Dresses

An interesting trend has emerged in modern Japan that is making dressing your body in a flapper dress not only fashionable but functional as well.

What is a flapper style dress? Although a flapper dress is quite common these days, you may have probably never seen one before. It has become quite popular among women in Japan thanks in part to its fashionable look, which really captures the natural shape of your body and leaves you feeling beautiful.

It is a relatively simple-looking dress that can be worked in many different ways to add an extra touch of flair to your outfit, for example wearing a loose white top with a striped collar and wearing a bright blue skirt. The basic dress is a long, loose turtleneck, with either a matching striped or sleeveless coat or coat-collar shirt underneath. It is not uncommon to see the dress worked into a corsage, a tight waist-length veil and/or a petticoat at the neckline.

Japanese girls are known for their unique outfits that combine an almost fetishized beauty with a casual yet sophisticated style. This isn’t always a compliment – but it sure can be a big hit! Plus it doesn’t take very long to find a style that suits your style – and these trendy flappers dresses certainly fit the bill.

What do you think of these flapper dress patterns in your collection?

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Adult Silver Flapper Dress Costume - FS3621 - Fancy Dress Ball
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What is a flapper style dress? – 1920 Red Flapper Dresses
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