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Why? And what colors was popular during World War II?

We know which colors worked well in the 1920s when there are pictures showing the streets and sidewalks and the buildings in the area. The streets have a lot of white with a black stripe as decoration.

How do we know which colors were successful for the period?

We know which colors worked well for the period but it depends on context. In many cases this context will also include the use of color in advertising or advertising messages.

In this case the use of color is a very useful way to bring out a brand. To help others identify the brand.

A brand’s logo or even its advertising message will have the majority of colors if the brand is associated with nature and nature enthusiasts. In this case we would say that colors are effective because they bring about a very positive feeling about a product. But what about other colors being effective when advertising?

We already know how to use a brand to bring out a specific consumer emotion or to promote a product. But how about when it comes to bringing out the feelings of another group of consumers?

Many color designers have started to take a look on this to help us understand how emotions of another group might be represented. Some colors that are very successful are dark blues and greens.

Dark blues are very popular in the 1920s. Their use in the 1920s is shown in the street and in buildings in the neighborhood, and also in advertisements. They are used to make the point that something good is happening, a happy event and it is important people do not make a mistake.

Most streets have this color as a decoration which is what has been used in the advertising.

The black stripe in the yellow shade for example is almost always a black color but when it comes to advertising it is used very often to represent success which is good. Dark blues help with communicating things that people can see on the street.

Dark greens represent the countryside and the outdoors and also the sun and its rays. Dark greens were also found in most of the advertising as they were used in outdoor advertising. In this case the color is used to say things like “this is the perfect setting for the sun to set.” The use of dark greens in advertising is also very strong.
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Light blues are very well-known the 1920s. It was the most popular brand in advertising that time. It was easy to understand and also it was used as a decoration very often. The light

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What colors were popular 1920s? – Flapper 1920S Dress Up
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