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As I have noted many times here in this blog, the most common reason for the color flappers wore black was to camouflage. The black of the black mask, with its black lining, was especially effective. In any case, the color red was in no way used as camouflage. But, it was widely used to dress up.

A recent study is reporting similar results for a more modern style: “Sometime in the 1960s or 1970s, there were also many cases when white males with some college or other educational background (i.e., those of the upper or upper middle-class) came under considerable pressure to marry women of the same socioeconomic status (i.e., with their middle-class education and/or social security benefits). In fact, white men often married women whose children went on to get a higher education than the men themselves… .”
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Here’s another one:

It is striking that the number of women born in the United States are not increasing at the same rate as the number of men (i.e., women’s average number of children per husband is still the same as it was in 1930). This is particularly so in the US as compared to Europe. Women born in the United States today are in the minority in this regard in most, if not all, countries of the Western world. The following chart demonstrates the relationship between the number of mothers per child versus the number that will bear at least one child:

Source: Siegel and Loehl.

The authors acknowledge several possible explanations:

1. The birth of large numbers of offspring at once and the associated increasing number of motherless children have resulted in the creation of a large number of mothers out of whom, at birth, there are few or no men;

2. The large number of motherless children, which have resulted from the increased life expectancy associated with medical advances and the increase in the percentage of women in managerial, professional, research and service occupations, have also resulted in the elimination of a large number of sons;

3. The rise in the proportion of mothers who are married and of mothers who own their own homes (or who were born abroad) has resulted in women choosing husbands whose socioeconomic status (i.e., level of education, social status, or wealth) corresponds with that of their mother and thus increasing their relative position with respect to their mother’s mother;

4. Motherhood itself is associated with certain types of behaviors that are, on average,

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What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Casual Flapper Dress
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