Did flappers have jobs? – Rose Gold Flapper Dress

The answer depends on how you define “job”. Many feminists use the phrase “job as they like it” to mean all the jobs men take.

Feminists also often conflate “career” with “earnings”. To a man the latter is the job. To feminists such definitions are alienating and a hindrance to women’s progress.

Many women, myself included, would not take a “career” as a job if the job was to raise our families, care for our ageing parents or raise our own children. These women have careers. It makes no difference if the work is in a field that is not “women’s”, a profession that has no place for women, or one in which we do not enjoy the advantages of a degree or training.

Women who work have to live within the wage limits that come from their job, and, in a society where we have limited disposable income, we have to accept the limits that come with it. The problem with these women, and the problems with feminism at large, is that they deny the reality. They insist women will have jobs as long as they can earn enough and keep their heads high enough, and that this will not be a problem because they aren’t “women trapped in men’s roles”.

If the men in their lives want to change, or if they are the ones who create the “jobs”, feminism needs to recognise that this is an issue for all of us, and help get all of society onboard. The problem with feminism is that it seeks to take “men’s issues” and make them an issue for women.

Feminism is not for all men. Feminism is a “woman’s issue”, it creates a divide between women and men. If we recognise and accept this gender imbalance, then we can look at the real issues. This isn’t about “real men” or “real women”. This is about the issues of the real women in our world.

Feminism is not for men who hate men. It is for men who love women, because men are not an issue to be dismissed. The problem is not in men or men alone at the bottom of the wage scale, the problem is in the inequalities that benefit us all, whether we acknowledge it or not.

If women don’t like the way they are represented by the feminists, and believe they’re not being represented in the way they like it, they can ask feminists to change their behaviour.

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Did flappers have jobs? – Rose Gold Flapper Dress
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