Did flappers have jobs? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Floor Length

No, they weren’t. Women flapper women were the exclusive and favored sexual partners of men, who in turn were frequently the husbands.

Can’t you just be sexually attracted to the male?

Not if she really wants to. A flapper woman had many things that men did not: They did not have to dress up in a wedding dress, and they could wear a suit and wear a tie.

The flapper woman was an artist. She loved to wear jewelry, but for her, that wasn’t enough. She wanted her husband to love her as a full person, and the fact that he was a man made him more of a woman to her than it made him a man.

In the early 1900’s, the flapper was not seen as a sexy character, it was seen as a submissive little girl who loved being dominated. Women flapper women looked and acted like their husbands, and they thought that men would always love them as women, as long as they were submissive. That was why it was called a flapper’s career.

Women flappers had lots of sex. The whole profession was a form of prostitution, and flappers used their sexuality to get out of that situation. At one time, there were flapper clubs in the New York city, but by 1930 they’d been banned.

So, women flappers were slaves?

No. That is not the way it was. Men in other countries used prostitutes. There were flappers in the USA, but the majority were women. They were free to choose to be flappin’, and as long as they paid, they were not being exploited. It was a different type of sex, where the woman was not making money from this activity, but being the provider and the boss.

The term ‘flapper’ was not used anymore for the majority in the late 1920’s, in order to stay within the guidelines of Victorian society.

Why were there so many flappers?
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The American flapper market was smaller than the European one. While there was a lot of interest in European women with high status, American women with little to do were mostly being looked upon as being pretty. There was even backlash against the flapper girls, and when one American woman was sent to serve the flapper girls in France, it sparked a lot of action.

In 1910 there were about 50,000 American flappers. By 1931 there were over 3 million.

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Did flappers have jobs? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Floor Length
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